Aruba Excursions

Pirate Cruise

Sail, Snorkel, Swim and Swing! (We won’t forget the rum)

Sightseeing Tours

ATVs, UTVs or Horseback tours to: Alto Vista Chapel, the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, the Natural Pool and Baby Bridge, California Lighthouse, Black Stone Beach.

Divi Alhambra Casino

Located in the resort complex.

Butterfly Farm

A visit to Aruba's Butterfly Farm is an unforgettable encounter with nature in all its beauty and diversity. Step into a tropical garden teeming with butterflies, the world's most colorful creatures.

Splash Park Aruba

Inflatable water park in the ocean!

Arikok National Park

The national park Arikok takes you on a memorable journey of the islands past offering unique geological, cultural and historical sites. These can all be enjoyed and explored either on your own or during guided tours. A wide variety of educational and informative programs and fun activities is available.

Aloe Factory Tour

Free tour of the Aruba aloe factory & museum.

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Many more activities can be found here!