Travel Information

Before Your Trip

  1. Make sure you have your passport and there are at least 6 months left before it expires.
  2. Fill out the online Aruba embarkation card. This links your travel information with your passport, allowing you to get through customs faster! Printing out the form is optional. (Click Online Embarkation Card button below)
  3. If you’re joining us for the Jolly Pirates Excursion on Friday (2-5pm, need to arrive there by 1:00) sign your waiver ahead of time here:

Airport - Resort Transportation

Taxi service is the fastest way to get to and from the resort, the drive is just under 30 minutes. Average fares range from $20-$25. 

Additionally, you can visit for bus transport. These may make additional stops at other resorts. 


The Divi Resort provides WiFi throughout their property, it is also available in many places on the island. Be sure to turn off Data Roaming in your cellular settings to avoid excess charges. Most cellphones allow you to use WiFi to make calls and send texts. If you think you might need more than just WiFi - Carrier plans offer different options for international travel, check with your plan before you go.  (For example, AT&T offers unlimited talk, text, and data for $10 per day, per device) 


Establishments in Aruba are happy to take American dollars, at their own exchange rate policy. The Aruban Florin (Awg.) is roughly 1.75-1.8 per 1 USD.

If you opt to use your credit card, make sure there aren’t any foreign transaction fees.

Beware the Sun 🌞

Aruba is very near the equator, and is usually breezy. This means you won’t know you have a sunburn until it’s too late! Apply that sunblock, including SPF chapstick. If all else fails, take a nice stroll through the Aloe farms, Aruba’s #1 export. 

At the End of Your Trip

We don’t even want to think about this part, but important to know - 

Give yourself plenty of time for the airport when you leave. You will go through customs in Aruba instead of the US for the return journey. This means a longer time getting to the plane! This is especially true for Saturday’s, which is the busiest day of the week at Aruba’s airport. 

Dont forget to have a drink in the airport lounge before you go... infamously dubbed β€œThe Crying Room”.